My name is Anisa and I have a confession to make – I am obsessed with karaoke! I’m a terrible singer, but I just can’t help myself, karaoke is just so much fun.

I think karaoke is a great way to de-stress and let loose! Plus, it’s a great team building activity.  I even love to do karaoke with co-workers.

I could sing karaoke for hours!  Time goes by so fast when you are having fun! I can’t count the number of times, I have been at a karaoke bar and have said “just one more song!”

I love going out to karaoke bars with my friends, but that can get expensive.  Having a karaoke machine at home makes it convenient to do karaoke whenever I want.

My favorite songs to sing are:

  • Since You’ve Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson
  • I Wanna Dance With Somebody by Whitney Houston
  • You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift

I hope to inspire you to have fun with karaoke too!


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