Even if you have a karaoke machine at home, it’s still nice to get out every once in awhile for karaoke.  If New York City there is no shortage of places to do karaoke.  Many bars will have one night when they do karaoke, but there are also plenty of dedicated karaoke bars.   Some karaoke bars also have private rooms.  So if you want to do karaoke in NYC, then you have lots of options.


So here are my favorite places to sing karaoke in NYC:

Radio Star

Radio Star has the best selection of songs of any of the karaoke bars I have been too, so everyone will be able to find something to sing.  You can also browse the song list on their website before you get there.   They have a bar area where you can sing karaoke or you can rent a private room.  If you really want to have a crazy night, they offer several all-you-can-drink packages.  They also have happy hour Monday – Thursday from 3 pm – 8 pm when they have half price karaoke and drink specials.  Radio Star is conveniently located close to Koreatown.  I would recommend making a reservation if you would like to do private room karaoke.

Address: 3 West 35th Street

Phone: (212) 564 – 2520

Nearest Subway: Herald Square B, D, M, F, N, R, W, Q


Karaoke Duet (Multiple Locations)

There are now three locations of Karaoke Duet in Manhattan.  This establishment only has private room karaoke and they charge per person per hour.  You can find their song list on their website.   They have discounted drink and karaoke prices before 8 pm.  You can also earn free karaoke with their frequent customer card.  They don’t serve food, but they allow you to bring in your own.

Address: 53 W 35th St. 2nd Floor (More locations on E 48th St and W 53 St)

Phone: (646) 473-0826

Nearest Subway: Herald Square B, D, M, F, N, R, W, Q


Karaoke City

Karaoke City is a sports and karaoke bar.  In the main bar area you can watch the big game or belt out your favorite tune.  Their song list is updated monthly.  If you want to do private room karaoke, you might want to try the open bar option that includes 1 hour of free karaoke.  You can reserve a private room through the form on the website or by email.  

Address: 22 W 32nd St, 7th Floor

Phone: (646) 791-8318

Email: reservations@karaokecitynyc.com

Nearest Subway: Herald Square B, D, M, F, N, R, W, Q


Gagopa Karaoke

Gagopa Karaoke has private karaoke rooms and is BYOB (Bring Your Own Booze).  So if you are looking to keep costs down, this is probably your best option.  If you make a reservation you can get a discount for karaoke Sunday through Thursday.  There is a form on the website where you can request a reservation.  They have a large song library that you can search on their website.

Address: 28 West 32nd Street (3rd Floor)

Phone:(212) 967 – 5353

Email: info@gagopakaraoke.com

Nearest Subway: Herald Square B, D, M, F, N, R, W, Q


Spot Karaoke

The Spot has a large bar area with a live DJ and private karaoke rooms. In addition, they have regulation size beer pong tables.  You can choose from several different karaoke and booze packages.  They also have an Asian inspired food menu.  The Spot offers different specials every day.

Address: 34 W 32nd St, 9th Floor

Phone: (212) 564-6600

Nearest Subway: Herald Square B, D, M, F, N, R, W, Q


Pulse Karaoke

Pulse is more upscale than most karaoke bars.  They actually have a stage in their main lounge for karaoke, so if you want to really put on the show, this is the place for you.  They also have six private rooms if you are not brave enough for the stage.  They serve food and have several different packages that include karaoke, food, and drinks.  You can make a reservation online through the website.

Address: 135 W 41st St

Phone:(212) 278-0090

Nearest Subway: Times Square 1, 2, 3, 7, N, R, W, Q, S, A, C, E


Karaoke One 7

Karaoke One has karaoke in their bar area and they also have private rooms.  They have happy hour drink and karaoke specials everyday until 8 pm.  They also offer several drink and karaoke packages.  If you want to have an open bar, you need to contact them.  You can make a reservation online through the website.

Address: 29 W 17th St.

Phone: (212) 675-3527

Email: info@karaoke17.com

Nearest Subway: 14th Street F, M or 18th Street 1


Karaoke Boho (multiple locations)

Karaoke Boho has two locations in Manhattan but the Orchard Street location just added a kitchen with a great menu.   They have drink and karaoke specials during happy hour and you can also get a free hour of karaoke by signing up for their email list.  Karaoke Boho on Orchard Street has 17 different private rooms and you can browse the song list on their website.

Address: 152 Orchard St. (also a location on West 4th St.)

Phone: (212) 777 – 0102

Email: orchard@karaokeboho.com

Nearest Subway: 2nd Avenue F,M

Have you been to any of these bars to do karaoke in NYC? What is your favorite place to do karaoke in NYC?