There are some great karaoke singers and then there are those not so great karaoke singers – like me.  The thing about karaoke though, is that both are fun to watch.  Sometimes the bad karaoke singers are actually more entertaining than the good karaoke singers.  Well, at least they can provide a good laugh – and everybody can use a good laugh every now and then! That is why I wanted to share some of the funny karaoke videos that I have come across.

Also, I am hoping that these funny karaoke videos will also give some of you the courage to try karaoke for yourself.  You are probably not as bad as you think.  Even if you are, just have fun with it, like I do! I cannot hold a tune if my life depended on it.

In karaoke, it is not just about your singing ability.  The song selection and the performance quality can really make or break you.  You need to pick a song that not only works with your voice but also works for your audience.  If your audience does not like the song, they are not going to like your karaoke version of it either.  And as far as the performance goes, for karaoke, I think the bigger the better.  The more you get into the song, the more the audience will enjoy it too.

Luckily, with YouTube, there are plenty of funny karaoke videos that could keep us entertained for hours.  As I find new karaoke videos that make me laugh, I will add them to this page.  If you have found some funny karaoke videos, please let me know if the comments and I can add those as well.  Hopefully, these videos will make you laugh and give you a little bit of karaoke inspiration too!

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